Water Changing technique I use for my tank

>> Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Was searching in the internet for easy way of changing water in the aquarium. In all the sites the same method like siphoning out the water and bucket etc was described. To me these are very messy procedure and time consuming too.

I thought of a very quick and non messy procedure of changing water of the tank. I need to change 25% of water at least once a week and even more. This procedure should be quick and not messy.

Here is the procedure- how I did it ...It worked like a breeze!

I bought a 20' plastic tube. The source of water and the drain is about 20' from my tank.
I used my power filter to drain the water. It took less than 5 minutes to drain 30% of my 30G tank.

i) Power filter is switched off
ii) Detached the DiY Co2 pipe from the vent of the power filter. This is important, otherwise tank water will flow into the DiY Co2 bottle.
iii) Attached the adapter for the tap on the end of the tube ad fixed it to the outlet of the power filter

iv) Now run the pump for 5 minutes
v) Detach the adapter from the tank end of the tube and attached it to the tap/ drain end; and attached to the tap
vi) Run the tap for 5 minutes

and in 10 minutes 30% water is changed before I go to my work and while enjoying my breakfast!


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