Preparing my aquarium for a jungle! Part I

>> Friday, July 24, 2009

After gathering information and considering the availability of space I will get @ my home; the tanl size came 36” L* 15” W* 15” H. According to the veterans the size is perfect for beginner.
The points I was told to have the proper substrate, lighting @ 3 watt/gallon with good reflector, Co2 injection, and cooling of the water. Water has to be kept below 28 degree Celsius. The current trend and opinion is towards open tank. At my home décor I cannot keep open tank. So I had to design a hood with the advantages of open tank!

These are few photos of my initial activities.

This is my aquarium with the wooden hood. It is made of water proof ply and a teak ply suface to give a teak finish to blend with other furniture. I have made this hood little high and kept 1" vent all round for the ventilation, an effort to simulate the open hood environment.

Now it is the time for lighting and temperature control of the tank.

These are the materials I purchased with the help of KA members. Thank you Abhirup for accompanying me. The list are as follows:

1. Stainless steel sheet for reflector
2. 36W PL Osram make lamp (2) with ballast, clamps and holder
3. 18W 2' T8 Osram make (1) with ballast, clamps and holder

These two make 90 Watt. My tank volume is 30G approx. So I made 3Watt / Gallon

4. One AC fan of 4" diameter
5. Wires for wiring
6. Switches for the lamp and fans. I kept a regulator for the fan (I had spare) even!
7. Measuring tape

This is the photo of fixing the Stainless steel sheet to the roof of the hood. It is like mirror!

The fan is being fixed at an angle so that air blows over the surface to cool my jungle.

Wow they are working . Fan is cool!

Now the time is for substrates ald laying the base of the tank. I used laterite base with a topping of sand gravel. thank you Amitava ( KA) for giving me the gravel. here are the photos of my activities.

This is bright laterite

A small layer of laterite is being laid as foundation. Thank you Mithun for the funda :)

Laying the gravel over the laterite carefully.


abhishek July 27, 2009 at 11:16 AM  

accha where did u get the laterite from???[:D]

vasu October 8, 2009 at 7:19 AM  

Need laterite gravel for fish tank in India Bangalore, Call 9448971544 Mr. Vasu

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