My Second Planted Aquarium in 2010

>> Monday, November 15, 2010

Basic arrangement

Managed to get a nice driftwood few black stones. Other accessories were available from last year e.g, lights, reflector, fans, Co2 cylinder with solenoid valve and timer.

This time apart from laterite,reddish in a polythene packet, which I used last year also, I will use Humus and Humus Plus as manure.

Humus, Humus Plus and Laterite

Humus Literature

Humus Plus Literature

Another Soil conditioner, generally used for land farming, I will use this time for my aquarium. it is an Indian product and its name is Soilrite.

Prodac Humus powder look like this

Prodac Humus Plus look like this

This is Soilrite powder

Now it is time for the actual work. First thin layer of Laterite is laid. Just few mm.

The layer of laterite is now being covered by a layer of coarse sand

2nd layer of sand is completed

Prodac Humus, Humus Plus and Soilrite are mixed together and laid as 3rd layer.

3rd Nutrient layer is now being covered with a layer of sand (4th Layer)

Laying of substrate completed and driftwood and stones are placed.

Water is being filled up

Just after filling up the tank.

Few plants are planted. All from my Roof top Gamla! HM, Amania senegalnesis, Giant Hygrophilla, Bacopa, Star grass, Elodia, Ludwigia Repens. Co2 is attached and found working nicely.

My good old fishes from the last year  seem happy.

This is how my tank looks on the second day. all plants seem going well. Let hope for the best.

Managed to get some Java Moss, Red Rotala . They changed the look of the scape considerably.

This is how my tank looks on 4th day of planting...Long way to go. At present changing 50% water every 3rd day. 3W/G ligh 8 hours per day, Co2 3 bps during the light period. Macro dosing with KNO3 1/4th tsp daily for my 30G tank and Micro CSM - B a pinch daily.


Dr Kaushik Bose November 17, 2010 at 10:16 PM  

Very nicely written. Hope to inspire other KA members too

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