My planted tank is now in 4th month

>> Thursday, October 15, 2009

Photo of my planted aquarium at 4th Month

Learnt so many things in this short journey of planted aquarium. One thing I realize on the way to your journey. You can learn the basic know how from different forums and books or, articles but your experience is bound to be unique. May be due to your environment, local water quality and of course the care you give.

Utility if timer and solenoid valve in an aquarium:

Reason - 1:
A month back I lost all my fishes Penguin tetras , and harquelin Rasboras in few hours! I was not at home. I asked my 12 years old son to on the light and open the Co2 valve. He did so rightly and left home for playing. Suddenly power went off for 3 hours. When he came back, he found all the fishes are dead and floating. The reason was co2 without the light!

Reason - 2

I went for vacation last month for a week and asked my maid to turn on and off light at the particular time. she may tried but definitely did not maintained time. Moreover from the previous bad experience of losing fishes I removed the pressurized Co2 and added a DiY Co2 again for those few days. When I came back, I was shocked by seeing my tank. Most of the leaves were full with beard algae / or fuzz algae. Plants were looking sick. HC s were fully covered with dense fuzz, and hair algae! I removed most leaves and many plants immediately. Changed 80% of water. Within a few days tank became healthy.

Moreover most of the time at the time of starting and ending the photo period nobody remains at home; but it is absolutely essential to maintain the schedule.

Thogh read at manuy places timer is a god investment ; I realized it in a hard way.

Ultimately I bought a timer and a solenoid valve and now my aquarium is fully automatic.

Hobbyist cancontact me to my mail if you need any help regarding purchase installation and know how about timer, pressure control valves and solenoid valves. Now I know the technical things :). The materials are available in Kolkata; if you are outside kolkata, or, India I can ship them to you according to your requirement.


tolu October 25, 2009 at 2:08 AM  

oh my gosh, your aquarium is wonderful! I have always had trouble with plants, they always seem to die pritty much straight away, maybe my gravel is too large?

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