Painful re - scaping of my planted aquarium

>> Sunday, September 13, 2009

Today I removed all the vals. Reasons being they were spreading at odd places. Old leaves were looking ugly and they were floating on the surface. Planted more Bacopas in the back ground. Changed the place of Hygrophilla deformis. Changed 80% of water.

But I was shocked to see my HCs and HMs. They were looking so ugly! All kind of dust and white webs entangled in them in a bad way. The only option was to remove them.

At last I took the decision of removing them. I removed them and kept separately in two containers. Then suddenly thought of giving a try again. I kept them for 5 minutes in ice cool diluted bleaching powder solution.

Then taken a portion of HC and planted at one corner. To my surprise, they were bright and full of roots! Then I took each of them and started planting. Another surprise! 90% of my fore ground is covered by HC!

HMs are also brighter. All the leaves looking healthy. No sign of blemishes in either of them. after a long time I saw pearling in HCs! Hope they will stay.


Mithun September 13, 2009 at 3:33 PM  

after bleaching leaves do look brighter and healthy but actually due o bleaching they suffer significant damage.. those leaves who are looking brighter green are actually stressed.. they will recover soon though.. but you should find out the root cause of those algae or they will strike back.. my assumption is much light and iron excess.. see if there is laretire leech in water due to too much uprooting of plants..

one more suggestion "never do too much rescaping at a time in a stable tank.. it imbalances the tank.. and makes algal bloom.. always do 1-2 plants change at a time in 2-3 days interval/gap.. it gives the tank time to recover the rescaping stress of the eco-system"

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