My planted jungle in my drawing room is 3 weeks old now!

>> Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Close up shot of the center of the tank

My journey till today was thrilling. My 30 Gallon planted tank is 3 weeks old. Frankly speaking I was hesitant about investing much money in this. But after looking at its beauty I cannot but decide to invest the basic things which is needed for this beautiful live show piece.

Beautiful live show piece

I bought a Co2 cylinder, a must if you are serious about your planted tank. I am not saying that planted tank is not possible with it; but if you want fast growth and want to see the magic and feel the thrill - this is a must. Plants will show you they are live and enjoying their stay in your aquarium.

2 Kg Co2 Cylinder with regulator and needle valve

I started macro and micro dosing using KNO3 and CSM +B respectively along with 3 bps Co2 injection. Light period is 8 hours @ 3Watt per Gallon.

For the foreground, I am lucky to get some bunches of HC Hemianthus callitrichoides "Cuba
from Amitava. So cute these plants are! They are the smallest leaved step plant in the world.
I planted them keeping my fingers crossed. But this time I am again lucky. They are doing great in my tank.

HC s are planted in the foreground

All my plants are happy with the feast of Co2 and the whole tank start fizzing after an hour of lighting like champagne bottle!

Plants are feasting on Co2

After 5 days of planting I noticed some changes in the HCs They are spreading their roots. Showing the sign of lives in them. I am just waiting to see when they fill the whole foreground.

HC s are spreading their roots and breathing

I didn't lose a single twig of delicate HC in the process. Now it is so nice to see the smallest twig is pearling happily!

Smallest HC is pearling!


Amitava August 24, 2009 at 3:40 AM  


Look for very dark color HC leaf or some coating on plant leaf. If it is there then algae is comming. Otherwise you are doing fantastic !!!!

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